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Protect your building and common areas.

HOA insurance throughout Charlotte, NC.

HOA insurance protects your condo building and common areas owned by your homeowners’ association. It is usually covered in member’s HOA fees.

Coverage for your homeowners association.

The unique nature of condo buildings often leads to some confusion over who is responsible for insuring what. HOA insurance protects portions of the building and grounds, which include common areas, the exterior walls, and roof.

Insuring common areas and grounds.

Depending on the type of building you occupy, the common areas may be simple, or they may be abundant. For example, some buildings may offer common areas such as a lobby, fitness center, etc. On the other hand, some buildings may offer additional amenities such as pools, recreational courts, parks, and common land.

HOA insurance policies will likely protect the liability risks for homeowners should losses occur in these common areas. Coverage may be limited, and we are here to help you identify how you are protected.

Insuring interior of your unit.

HOA condo insurance typically will not cover the inside of your unit. Some policies may cover repair to the walls, floor, ceiling, and plumbing fixtures, however, condo owners should accompany their coverage with condo owner’s insurance and additional policies that will protect your personal property and fixtures.

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